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Our health is the most precious possession we have. Unfortunately, you’ll only notice what you’re missing when it’s too late. In a rush on your way to the office, stressed from the meeting to the cafeteria – and off to the bar scene in the evening. No wonder your health runs out of steam.
Why am I sick again, I actually live a healthy life? Perhaps not so much. Stress – in combination with little sleep and incorrect nutrition – puts a burden on the immunity system. It’s time to finally do something about it. Strengthening the immunity takes vital nutrients (micro-nutrients), but also a few tricks that have nothing to do with nutrition.

Nutrition, Stress and so on – what puts a burden on the immunity system?

It’s not just a winter cold that makes demands on the immunity. Each day, your skin and your colon have to deal with attacks from pathogens. Demands on immune response are also made by internal enemies. Tumor cells are a drastic example. Chronic inflammations often do not cause symptoms, but they are a problem for the immune system and put it under stress.
And sometimes it’s our own fault that our immune response is lagging. Stress is one factor that can have a negative effect [1]. Incorrect nutrition can cause inflammations – and that’s to say nothing of the one or several glasses too many of wine. Smoking is at the top of the list. There is a good reason why smoking is recognized as one of the primary causes of lung cancer.

Tips for naturally strengthening immunity

Once the first scratchiness of a summer flu or cold is spreading in your throat, it’s too late to strengthen immunity. That’s wrong: Scientists have discovered in studies that taking certain vital nutrients can influence the duration and the severity of a cold. It’s true even if taking high doses of vital nutrients – such as the trace mineral zinc – are taken after first symptoms.
However, does it have to progress this far before strengthening the immune system? The best illnesses are the ones we never get. And that’s the point when trying to strengthen the immune system – prevent a chance for pathogens to attack. Providing your body with optimal vital nutrients is an important first step.
Such vital nutrients are contained in Immune System Booster, which can strengthen immunity and give a helping hand to your health.  Zinc is only one important part.

Vital Nutrients: What does the body really need?

Your body is capable of synthesizing providers of energy, such as glucose (2) and ketones, itself. It’s a different story when it comes to vitamins and trace elements. These vital nutrients have to be provided from the outside – they are essential. Without them, your immune system is not capable of optimally taking care of its tasks.
Vitamin C – known as ascorbic acid – plays a part in building collagen. This means: Without sufficient quantities, soft tissues are threatened – in the form of scurvy, the sailor’s disease.
What makes vitamins and trace elements so important – including for the immunity – is the fact that they play a role in the creation of enzymes, signaling substances or proteins. The immune system can function only when all processes (from the recognition of the pathogens to their destruction by scavenger cells) are interlocked. And that’s exactly why an optimal supply of vital nutrients is o important.

Bowl with healthy fruit
Strengthen your immune system with plenty of fruit

Here are some of the vitamins that your body needs for its immune system:

Additionally, the body needs trace elements. These are minerals such as iron, selenium or zinc.
Their importance for the immunity varies. However, they have once thing in common: Trace elements play a role in the processes which influence the immune system. Iron, for example: On the one hand, it comes to the fore in the transportation of oxygen. On the other hand, it is bound into enzymes.
With Immune System Booster you can supply your body simultaneously with many different vital nutrients.

How many vital nutrients are needed to strengthen the immunity?

Vitamins and trace elements strengthen the immune system. The immunity system can actually go to work to fight bacteria and viruses. Therefore: taking much helps much! Wrong, when it comes to a correct dosage, some things have to be taken into account. How many trace elements and vitamins do you actually need?
The DGE (German Nutrition Society) offers very good orientation assistance. You will find information for minimum dosages for things like:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

For many vital nutrients the minimum dosage depends on age and gender. But also factors, such as pregnancy, nursing a baby, or heavy physical demands – such as competitive sports – influence the minimum dosages.
Selenium, for example: The DGE recommends a dosage of 15 µg per day for children ages 1 – 4. Boys from age 15 and grown men should take 70 µg of selenium per day, and for women the DGE recommends 60 µg a day.
A similar picture emerges for Vitamin K. Here, the recommended dosage also varies with age and gender.

How many vital nutrients are needed to strengthen the immunity?

French fries, schnitzel, a burger here, a few beers with friends there – do you recognize yourself? The body cannot make essential vitamins and trace elements. This means that they have to be provided through proper diet. Especially for strengthening the immunity, a healthy diet should take center state.
Meaning: From now on we serve only potatoes, apples and spincha! Well, the diet does not have to be changed quite that dramatically. However, if you wish to naturally strengthen the immunity, consuming more fruit and vegetables is the right idea. Societies, such as the DGE or the WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund International) [4] recommend between 400 and 600 grams of non-starchy vegetables and fruit per day – divided over several meals.
Past studies have shown that the consumption of sufficient quantities of fruit and vegetables can lessen the occurrence of disease. Among those diseases are coronary heart disease, strokes or cancer [5].  Which foods contain vital nutrients to strengthen immunity with zinc?


If zinc is missing in the array of vital nutrients, the results can show up differently – for instance, through lack of energy and poor concentration. The recommended minimum quantity for adults is between 7 and 11 mg per day. You can use certain foods to take care of your minimum recommended quantity. Pumpkin seeds or Brazil nuts contain large quantities of zinc – as does oatmeal or Gouda cheese. By the way, zinc is a mineral that plays a role in connection with  Hangover Aid.


Today, selenium is considered an antioxidant and – in combination with amino acids – plays a role in the synthesis of enzymes. Lack of selenium can not only have an influence on the immunity, medical scientist also have identified several diseases that are due to lack of selenium.  Among them is the Keshan Disease. Attention: Selenium, as a trace element, is essential, but high doses are to be avoided.  The reason is the toxic effect of high concentrations of selenium.


Iron strengthens immunity, is responsible for transporting oxygen, and forms iron-sulphur complexes. A lack of this trace element results, among other things, in a lack of energy and fatigue, and it can also be recognized in nails and hair. Requirements are especially high during pregnancy and the nursing phase. Foods high in iron content are, among others, legumes, whole-grain products, and (of course) blood-based animal products. Attention: Do not consume milk or black tea with iron because they block its absorbency.
It would be tough to start cooking in the office or on-the-go. To still strengthen the immune system with iron and zinc, there is Immune System Booster. It contains important vital nutrients whose lack – such as lack of zinc – compromises the immune system and your ability to fight disease.

Vitamins: Quickly strengthen immunity with smoothies

This leaves the subject of vitamins. For the last few years, a number of exotic super foods have been in the news – such as pineapple or goji berries. And a new super food is added almost daily. However, a look outside your front door can find alternatives. Why? Local blueberries or rosehips and blackberries contain just as many important vitamins as well as trace elements. Additionally, our fruit also contain flavones, flavonoids or natural colors – such as anthocyanins [6] – which have a strong anitoxidant effect and support the immune system. Can we combine the power of several fruits?

Banana-Kiwi Smoothie with blueberries

Fruits, such as bananas or kiwis, contain many vitamins which strengthen the immunity. Among them are, in addition to Vitamin C, also Vitamin E or B Complex Vitamins. To get the day started with a big vitamin boost right after getting up, a smoothie is a great idea.
Simple to prepare, make extra and take it to the office with you. Or share it with the kids so they get their vitamins, too. To make a smoothie as a Vitamin Drink simply use 2 apples, 2 bananas, 2 kiwis and a handfull of blueberries plus raspberries.

Smoothie with vitamins
Simply prepared and full of vitamins – Smoothies

Wash the apples, blueberries and raspberries, core the apples and cut them up small. Peel the kiwis, cut them in half and remove the stem. Peel the bananas and cut them into slices. Put everything into a blender and puree. Fill in the glasses with milk or coconut water.

Nut-Fruit Granola – Vitamins K and E

Vitamins K and E are found in grain products as well as in some nuts. What could be easier than to prepare a delicious breakfast granola at home? The preparation is very easy and will give you a good start into the office for several days.
Simply combine 200 grams oatmeal, 75 grams puffed spelt, 75 grams puffed quinoa with 100 grams each of barley and spelt flakes. Chop up 50 grams each of Brazilnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds. The granola is then finished off with dried fruit, such as apricots (chopped), cranberries and goji berries. Mix everything well and keep it in a lockable can. Enjoy your granola with a bit of milk or yogurt.
And where do you get your vital nutrients in the office? Supplying yourself in the workplace is not always easy. However, with a drinkable Immune Booster you have the problem solved. Simply empty a sachet into a glass, fill it with a liquid and sip it while you work.

Quickly strengthen immunity – additional tips

How do you strengthen immunity? Diet plays an important part. However, there are a few other factors that influence your immune system. One of the important factors is stress. Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she invented the stress hormones

  • Adrenalin
  • Noradrenalin
  • Cortisol

However: What Mother Nature did not know was the fact that modern man would one day suffer perennial stress.
Stress hormones influence the immune system – in that it is modulated negatively. For example, cortisol weakens the immune system in that it inhibits the formation of T-cells [7].  Meaning: If you reduce stress/stress hormones, it has a positive influence.

  • Sport reduces stress hormones: Sport is ideal for the reduction of stress – it makes happy. During sports activity, hormones are released that neutralize the stress hormones. And working out in fresh air is healthy for everyone. And less stress is also a prerequisite for Health at work.
  • Aroma therapy to combat stress: Fragrant scents – everyone immediately thinks about them with aroma therapy. It is about the use of essential oils. In the meantime, biochemistry and medicine have recognized the potential effect – for example, for the reduction of stress.

Also, not to be forgotten is the effect of home remedies when it comes to strengthening the immune system. Sauerkraut, chicorée or black salsify contain important chemical substances which can have a positive influence on colon health.

Quickly strengthen the immunity: Not very difficult

It’s typical: As soon as the weather turns bad, the throat starts getting scratchy! Are you familiar with the situation? Then it’s time to start thinking about your own immune system. Not having an immune system that’s sufficiently strong makes it easy for cold viruses to attack. And other types of pathogens will also be happy about the “invitation“. It’s actually not that difficult to pay a bit more daily attention to immunity. Much depends on sufficient consumption of vital nutrients – meaning vitamins and trace elements. Fruits, vegetables or nuts are rich in various vitamins. And they can be taken throughout the day in the form of granola, smoothies and salads. If that’s not possible, then the Immune System Booster can help. Only you can help with aspects such as more exercise or stress relaxation. Because stress hormones have a negative influence on the immune system.

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