Vitamin B12 – Important component of vitamin-B-complex


Also known as cyanocobalamin or cobalamin, vitamin B12 is one of the most versatile vitamins you will find in terms of the functions it helps our body conduct. The vitamin is crucial for neural function as it helps with the formation of the protective layers surrounding the nerves, which are called the myelin sheath and which are important for proper cognitive function.
Of course, cognitive functions have an impact on every single aspect of our lives, so a vitamin B12 deficiency can really be exhibited in a great number of ways, which we will discuss a bit later. Vitamin B12 also has important implications in regard to the cardiovascular and digestive health, making it one of the most important nutrients you should be looking to keep a healthy intake of.
Today, we are looking at what areas of our lives vitamin B12 is the most important for, what symptoms you can expect if you develop an insufficiency and how to get enough vitamin B12 from food sources or from supplements such as Immune System Booster and Natural Energy Booster.

Why is vitamin B12 so important?

Vitamin B12 is true food for the mind, as many researches have proven it to be linked with mental health and avoiding chronic issues like depression or anxiety, which are very common in today’s society. The vitamin is well known to work along with folate in creation of a compound called SAM, which helps reduce stress levels and maintain a healthy mood. Other cognitive processes including learning and memory are all linked with vitamin B12 as well, which means that neural health is the number one reason you should be looking to get enough of this vitamin into your body.
Chronic fatigue, sleepiness and tiredness are also very common with people nowadays, as the nutritional value of the food we eat is constantly diminishing. Vitamin B12 plays a big part in the process of carbohydrate conversion into glucose, which our body uses for energy, so getting enough vitamin B12 will in turn mean that more of the carbs you eat turn into usable fuel for the body, which will help you avoid being tired all the time.
More recent studies have shown that vitamin B12 also helps reduction of homocysteine levels which play a big role in the development of heart diseases. Additionally, the vitamin also helps the production of a healthy gut flora, crucial for digestive functions and can potentially help people fight cancer, maintain a healthy pregnancy and avoid anemia through production of red blood cells.

How do I get enough?

Vitamin B12, like most other nutrients, can be acquired through natural dieting. This particular vitamin is found mostly in animal related foods, such as dairy products, meat and eggs, with naturally grown and fed animals usually offering more vitamin B12 in their meat, milk and eggs.
According to the latest recommendations of the health organizations, adult persons should be looking to get between 3 and 6 micrograms of vitamin B12 into their body per day, which is not all that hard if you eat animal based products. However, vegans and vegetarians can have serious problems with this, as not plant based foods naturally contain vitamin B12. Some synthetically treated plants do contain some vitamin B12, but it’s nowhere close to the necessary amounts.
To this end, such people are best off using dietary supplements that contain Vitamin B12. Vit2GO! Natural Energy Booster and Immune System Booster are definitely two products that can greatly help with vitamin B12 levels, especially if you don’t normally eat enough dairy and meat. Even the company’s Hangover Aid, a product with a very specific purpose, can help you avoid vitamin B12 deficiency, if taken appropriately.

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms

When we don’t get enough of any essential nutrient, we develop a state known as nutrient deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency occurs relatively often, with anywhere between 10 and 30% of people in many parts of the world including the USA suffering from the condition.
Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a whole number of negative side effects and symptoms that you will definitely not want to experience. These can include depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, muscle and join pains, poor memory and learning difficulties, inability to concentrate, poor appetite and many others.
With such a long list of things that can go wrong if we don’t get enough vitamin B12, it seems that the vitamin should be very high on the list of things we look for in the food, and yet most people don’t even know what vitamin B12 is or what it does for our body.
The best and healthiest way to maintain your vitamin B12 levels is by eating lots of food rich in it, with beef liver and sardines leading the way, with over 100% of the necessary daily intake available in small doses. If however you are not eating such food, getting a product like Natural Energy Booster, Immune System Booster or Hangover Aid will do the trick just the same. As long as you don’t forget to keep up with your vitamin B12 intake, the way you get it won’t matter too much.

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