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At Vit2go, we develop intelligent nutritional supplements to combat the three most common complaints of everyday life: fatigue, colds, and hangovers after alcohol consumption.

Our products and their use have been studied and scientifically proven. All product ingredients are carefully selected, of the highest quality, and tested according to all relevant criteria.

Vit2go products are perfect for people like you with demanding and busy lifestyles, who want to make the most of their day-to-day and themselves.

  • Effective against fatigue & exhaustion
  • Maximum energy and concentration
  • Long-lasting energy and optimised concentration for highest mental and physical performance
  • Strengthens and supports the body’s own immune system
  • Builds-up your body's defence system naturally
  • Supports the immune function
  • Supports liver function
  • Prevents dehydration and loss of nutrients
  • Overnight revitalisation

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"I am not a long distance runner, so I was getting used to 10k and sometimes feel like I have nothing left in the tank before I can complete the run. Black coffee helps, so I was looking on similar lines for some energy drink that has some caffeine. Quick search guided me here. I never felt so tired again."
Perfect accompaniment to my running routine
@Praveen Ganesan
29. May 2020
"I was really skeptical at first as usually things like this don't work or do what they say but I was surprised. The flavor of the product is blackcurrant and tastes like it, it actually tastes very pleasant. I suffer from sickness every now and then and it has helped to replace vitamins and minerals that are lost so I'm happy and impressed."
Better than medical sachets
19. May 2020
"I usually use those fizzy tablets you get for cyclists, but I love, love love these sachets. Plenty of tasty electrolytes and it helps me to feel much better! Thank you!"
Great electrolyte drink
@Helen S
06. May 2020
"I got these as I want me and my family to build up our immune system especially with everything that is going on in the world today. Get a good amount for your money and it tastes fine compared to others like it. Will buy again when we run out."
Good health extra
@Chris avery
25. April 2020
"I've been using this for a while and I've not caught a cold since. I throw some into a plain protein shake first thing (it tastes of ginger), knock it back and go about my day. Drinking it means it's absorbed and gets to work faster. It's a good way to get my vitamins in. I also keep some sachets at work in case I forget, it's fine in plain water too."
Good stuff!
@S Evans
18. April 2020
"Having it in the morning gave me a great boost for the day and also helps when feeling sluggish after lunch."
Great energy boost!
14. March 2020
"The product arrived at my place very fast and well packed. The powder dissolves quickly and completely, the taste is also totally delicious. After drinking it, I felt more active and much fitter. Perfect after a night out. I can definitely recommend it."
12. March 2020
“I have already tested other Vit2go products which I was impressed by and therefore I wanted to strengthen my immune system now during the "virus time". Also this time I am absolutely convinced by the quality and can definitely recommend Vit2go. I am still feeling fit and healthy."
Susanne S.
@Susanne S.
09. March 2020
“Thanks to Vit2go, I've finally got rid of energy drinks. Great product!”
Schmidt Rüdiger
13. August 2019
“The product tastes nice and does help you to feel better the next day.”
Antonio Schumacher
18. July 2018
“During the winter months I like to add vitamin supplements to my diet to fight the cold season and I really enjoyed Vit2go, it has a really good taste and is easy to use. Will definitely order these again.”
Meyer Balack
21. June 2018
“I don't drink alcohol that often, but when I do, I feel the aftereffects, and more and more as I get older. This product has definitely helped me to get back on track faster the next morning and start the day as usual!”
09. May 2018
Vitality on the go
Natural & effective
Highest quality - Made in Germany

Optimise your performance

Our product has got you covered in a handy, to-go format.
Optimise your performance

Quality, safety and effectiveness: We use study-based active ingredients with high bioavailability and the highest purity. All Vit2go products undergo strict controls before they are launched onto the market.

Optimise your performance

Delicious taste: Our drink powders come in three refreshing flavours: blackcurrant, fruity orange and refreshing lime.

Optimise your performance

Refund warranty: Are you not 100% satisfied with your order? Contact us via email at kundenservice@vit2go.net and get your money back.

Cactus fig
Reduces general hangover symptoms thanks to its antioxidant properties.
Contains the highest level of vitamin C of all plants and thus effectively helps to protect from colds. In addition, Acerola has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Detoxifies the liver naturally.
Considered a natural source of energy for your body and mind.
Kudzu root
Helps to recover from nausea, discomfort and headaches the morning after.
Ginger root extract
Has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect while providing a fresh energy boost.
Helps against fatigue and exhaustion
Increases resistance to harmful external influences.
Pepper extract
The ingredient piperine acts as a so-called bioenhancer, to naturally increase the bioavailability of active ingredients, nutrients and vitamins.

The best ingredients from all over the world

Carefully selected ingredients of high quality: Select a point on the map and learn more about our ingredients and their origins.

Our promise

At Vit2go, we believe that you don't have to miss anything to lead a healthy lifestyle. Based on the latest scientific findings, we create smart solutions for people like you who want to make the most out of their time, energy and attention, so that you can live life to the fullest.
Our promise
One product sold =
One tree planted
Our promise
Formula based on
scientific studies
Our promise
Secure and controlled production
in Germany
Our promise
Sustainable, FSC-certified
Our promise
100% vegan ingredients
Our promise
Highest quality standards
(IFS- & GMP-certified)

Ideal companions for your busy lifestyle

Our products help you to finally get rid of the most typical complaints that limit and slow you down in everyday life. Tiredness, colds and hangovers the morning after the party are no longer in your way.
Wakes you up and provides you with maximum power to keep you going in everyday life. Guarana and caffeine provide your body with a natural boost.
Protects you from everyday infections by providing the exact nutrients needed by your body to build a strong immune system.
Thanks to the vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and trace elements, this product helps you to bounce back after excessive alcohol consumption.

A climate-friendly future with Vit2go

Become part of the Vit2go Trees for the Future project in cooperation with Trees.org, and help us make the future greener. According to recent studies, global plant-a-tree programs can remove up to two thirds of atmospheric CO2 emissions caused by humans.

We’re not only planting trees to combat global warming; we’re also helping to promote renewable agriculture in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and Cameroon.

With every product purchased, a tree will be planted in Africa, all thanks to you. By doing this, we are actively working together to combat climate change and create a sustainable future for the people living there.

Trees Planted
Lives Changed
Acres Restored
Tons of Carbon Sequestered
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