What exactly are electrolytes?


We all know that minerals are important for our health and that some of the most common minerals, called the electrolytes, are crucial to things like hydration, pH levels and muscle function. This is why athletes and even casual gym goers tend to drink electrolyte rich sports drinks and try to keep their electrolyte levels high and balanced, but many people who do this don’t really know what electrolytes are.
In order to explain electrolytes, it is important to understand that our body is a superhighway for electrical impulses, with thousands of such impulses being conducted throughout the body at every moment. These electrical impulses are crucial for all of the body’s functions and for interconnections between different tissues, muscles, organs and cells.
The function of electrolytes, which may seem as “just” salts, is to make our body more conducive for such impulses. Electrolyte rich water solutions are known as being extremely conductive, which is why taking in sufficient amounts of electrolytes is crucial to keeping the body functioning at top levels.
Some of the most common electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, all of which are easily found in various types of food. Other electrolytes include chloride, phosphate, bicarbonate and others, which are needed in lower levels and can be found in food and all types of vitamin supplements.

What do the main electrolytes do?

Some of the most important electrolytes in the body include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Sodium (Na+) is an electrolyte most commonly ingested through the consumption of table salt, and in charge of controlling the amount of water held in our body. Sodium also helps regulate blood volume and keep the nerves functioning at the right levels, all of which are important chemical functions. Sodium acts as an extracellular cation, balancing with the intercellular potassium.
Potassium (K+) is an electrolyte found within our cells. This important cation regulates our heartbeat and muscle functions, making it one of the most important minerals for the human body. Along with the extracellular sodium, potassium creates an electrical pump which keeps all other electrolytes in balance and helps the conduction of impulses between cells and nerves.
Magnesium (Mg++) is one of the most important minerals to all life on Earth. Over 300 different biochemical reactions in the body require magnesium in order to take place, and the synthesis of DNA and RNA would be impossible without it, which is why all life on the planet is dependent on magnesium in a big way. Magnesium is found in a lot of different foods and it is critical to muscle function, immune system, blood sugar levels stabilization, formation of bones and muscles and all sorts of other processes.
Another crucial electrolyte, crucial in the formation of all bones in our body, is calcium. Less known to most people is that calcium also plays a critical role in the transmission of nerve impulses and muscular contractions. While most of calcium in our bodies is found within bones, some calcium is also found in blood and muscles, where it serves its other functions. Calcium, along with other electrolytes is a common addition to most vitamin supplements and sports drinks.

How can I get enough electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals, commonly found in nature and living organisms all around us. The most common source of electrolytes is food, with both plant and animal based foods containing significant amounts of electrolytes. The most common source of sodium is table salt, potassium is commonly found in fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, magnesium rich foods include nuts, green vegetables and tea, while fish, cheese and some vegetables are fantastic sources of calcium.
However, it can be quite difficult to maintain healthy electrolyte levels through regular diet, which is why many people, especially athletes who expand a lot of energy and water, tend to use sports drinks and vitamin supplements to keep their electrolytes in check. Vitamin supplements such as Vit2Go!’s Immune System Booster, Natural Energy Booster and Hangover Aid are rich in electrolytes, with carefully balanced doses introduced to target specific issues and imbalances.
All of Vit2Go! vitamin supplements contain significant doses of calcium, chromium, potassium and other electrolytes, which serve to battle hangover symptoms in Hangover Aid, boost immune system in Immune System Booster and improve the overall health and energy levels in Natural Energy Booster.
If you are aware of an electrolyte imbalances or deficiency in your body or you simply feel like your body is weak and you are out of shape, using Natural Energy Booster and Immune System Booster will help you improve your overall performance in your daily and athletic activities without a doubt. On the other hand, if you are planning a big party soon, consider getting the Hangover Aid and replenish your body’s electrolyte levels immediately after the wild night out. In either case, Vit2Go! supplements are a great way to keep your electrolyte levels high and your body safe and happy.

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