Healthy facts about selenium


Of all the minerals and other nutrients out there which you need in your daily diet, selenium is probably one of the most obscure ones. The mineral has anti-oxidant properties, which means it may help keep your cells from damage but overall speaking, studies have shown that selenium is definitely not one of the most important nutrients you should be looking for in food.
Despite this, you should not completely forget about selenium in your diet, and getting your recommended daily dose on a regular basis should still be on your dietary checklist. Fortunately, the mineral is quite easy to come by and since you don’t need much of it, it should be fairly easy to keep a healthy intake.
In this article, we will discuss the main selenium benefits, the symptoms of selenium deficiency as well as the best ways to get enough of the mineral through diet and supplementation with products such as Natural Energy Booster and Immune System Booster. Without further ado, let’s see just what selenium is good for.

How can I benefit from selenium?

Selenium is a mineral found in soil and water and the plants that grow out of the soil easily transfer it to animals as well. The main benefits of selenium come from its anti-oxidant properties, which help keep our cells safe from damage as well as its role in metabolism.
Numerous medical studies have been performed over the years trying to prove or disprove the links between selenium and various diseases such as prostate and lung cancer, but most of them were inconclusive or could not find any link between them.
Some studies did show a link between low levels of selenium and diseases such as HIV and Crohn’s Disease but not even this claim selenium deficiency to be the cause, but rather a symptom of the diseases.
For the most part, selenium is a mineral to be taken on a regular basis in reasonable amounts to help out with metabolism and use its anti-oxidant properties. While it is important to keep a healthy level of the mineral, you definitely don’t need to be too worried about any potential selenium deficiency.

How likely is selenium deficiency and what are the symptoms?

Selenium deficiency is not a very common condition among people in the Western countries. Depending on the particular part of the world you live in and the levels of the mineral in the soil and water, you may be a bit more or less likely to get exposed to it, but in either case, with a steady and healthy diet, you should not experience any issues with your selenium levels.
The recommended daily dose of selenium for adults is approximately 60 micrograms per day, while an average American gets 120 micrograms of selenium from his diet, without even trying. This of course doesn’t mean that every single person is getting enough, but very few people have serious issues with selenium.
While selenium deficiency is quite rare, it does come with quite a few nasty side effects, including declines in immune system and cognitive function. While some indication also exists that selenium deficiency may be in relation with some deadly diseases such as cancer, there is no real evidence to support such claims.

How do I get enough?

Like all minerals, the quickest and most natural way to get enough selenium is through diet. Various foods, including eggs, beef, poultry and whole grains have sufficient amounts of selenium in them for an adult individual to feed his minimum requirements.
The real problem can occur when the soil and water in an area are poor with selenium, in which case the food can also be poor in it. In such cases, selenium supplements can help a great deal and products such as Natural Energy Booster, Immune System Booster and even Hangover Aid by Vit2Go! all have sufficient amounts of selenium in them to prevent selenium deficiency.
These supplements will not only solve any issues you may have with not getting enough selenium, but will also feed you a number of other important nutrients, including minerals like calcium and iron and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin K.
By boosting your micronutrient levels, Vit2Go! products improve your immune system, your general health and energy levels and help you get over micronutrient deficiencies as well as temporary states such as hangovers, making them ideal for pretty much anyone as the number of health benefits they offer greatly outweighs their price. The best thing about them is that they are 100% natural, which means you won’t experience any nasty side effects from taking them.

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