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Munich's famous beer festival can be a fun and unforgettable experience with Vit2Go! Hangover Aid.

The ultimate guide on how to cure a hangover after Oktoberfest 2018

The “liquid gold”, also known as the beer is the most significant thing related to Oktoberfest. If you are attending this year’s Oktoberfest you’ll have the time of your life, and you don’t want to ruin the fun with nasty hangovers. With that being said, we offer the ultimate guide on how to cure a hangover after Oktoberfest 2018. Over 6 million litters of beer will be drunk this year and you want to be one of those lucky [...]

Running in autumn is an amazing way to clear your head and shake the stress away.

Autumn Wellness-Getaways to boost your immune system

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is just around the corner and you should welcome it with the smile on your face. Each time of year has something special we are looking forward to, but also a few things we may dislike, for example, temperature drop, rain, etc. A transitional period of the year is a time you need to focus on your wellness the most. All the changes that happen can be too much to handle if you’re [...]

It’s proven that salt can help you become healthier by warding off all sorts of infections.

How much salt do we need?

We use salt on daily bases, some more than others, but do you ever actually stop and ask yourself a question: How much salt is healthy? Is too much salt dangerous? We certainly don’t think it’s that important until you hear that someone had a cardiovascular problem or other health issues related to salt intake. Let’s take a look at the effects of salt and how much salt your body actually needs to stay healthy. This way you can [...]

Your body uses sugar as a fuel, but you can definitely survive without added sugars in your diet.

How to reduce your sugar intake

We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, but do we know exactly what is too much? It’s hard to give up chocolate, cakes and other sweets if you have a sweet tooth, but reducing sugar intake will definitely make you feel much better and improve your overall health. This doesn’t mean you need to stop eating sugar completely, and if you want to find out the best way to can control your sugar intake – [...]

Giving the fact that you spend 1/3 of our life at work, it’s important to know how to boost your immune system at work.

How to boost your immune system at work

You spend 8 hours a day at work and that’s where you must feel comfortable in if you want to stay mentally and physically healthy. Do you ever worry about some work habits that are not good for your health? Here we bring your attention to some common mistakes people make at work and offer healthy alternatives you can follow. We recommend immune system boosting tips and the best sitting positions at work as two things you should pay [...]

Beer pong can be played with two teams that have an equal number of members.

5 fun drinking games you must try out now

If you are drinking with your friends and you want to make the party more exciting, we recommend playing drinking games. There are plenty of entertaining drinking games you can play, whether you’re at a house party, beach party, garden party etc. This is a perfect way to include everyone and assure they’re all having fun while drinking. In order to find out the basic rules of 5 fun drinking games, and find out how to avoid a hangover, [...]

If you are a team player volleyball is a perfect way for you to express your social skills since you can meet new people.

Top outdoor sports to practice in the summer

Although summertime is a time to relax, that doesn’t mean you have to be lazy all summer long. There are numerous outdoor sports that you can do if you want to be active during this time. If you want some suggestions, and other advice that may help you improve your overall wellbeing, keep reading.

The most important thing when preparing healthy ice tea is that you have to use fresh fruit and not much sugar.

6 Cool DYI ice tea recipes

If you want to refresh yourself in the hot summer days and make ice tea at home, we have 6 do it yourself ice tea recipes that use only the freshest and healthiest ingredients. They will not only refresh you, but also will boost your energy and immune system. Continue reading for some healthy ice tea recipes.

Don’t believe that if you have a darker skin color, you are exempt of getting sunburnt, as we are all susceptible to it.

Sun exposure – How much sun is good for you?

Who doesn’t want a dark tan and sun-kissed skin? Even though it is one of the ideals of beauty, too much sun exposure may lead to some serious health conditions and it is usually not recommended by doctors. Read this article and find out how to protect your skin and how much sun is good for you.