Iron – Essential nutrient for our body


Iron is an essential nutrient for our body during growth and without iron we would not be able to perform many functions necessary for everyday living. Whenever you are feeling tired constantly and you look exhausted, there will be one person to warn you that your iron may be low. That person probably recognized some of the symptoms of anaemia – condition of iron deficiency, such as extreme tiredness and paleness. Other symptoms of anaemia are breathlessness and heart palpitation. These symptoms can cause bad mood, lack of concentration and poor work performance. What is the crucial role of iron in human body? Iron is a component of muscle and blood and it is an essential to carry oxygen from our lungs throughout body and finally to our cells. What happens when you don’t have enough iron in your body is that you lack of healthy red blood cells. Iron is in charge of metabolizing proteins and producing hemoglobin and red blood cells. Hemoglobin represents two-thirds of the body’s iron and the rest goes to our liver, spleen and bone marrow or our muscle tissue’s myoglobin.

The role of iron in energy boosting

As we already mentioned, when our iron is low we feel exhausted and weak, and the reason why that happens is because our body has to struggle on its own to transport oxygen. It also has negative effect on our immune system’s ability to fight off infections. In order to avoid iron deficiency you should eat iron-rich foods such as meat (especially red meat), leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage), beans, clams and cereal products. Along with these foods you can increase the absorption of iron if you eat or drink vitamin C rich products.
Iron is an essential trace element, which means that our diet must include this nutrient if we want to stay healthy.
Not only do we need iron to stay healthy, we also need it, so we can maintain our general well-being and feel energetic every day. Iron is also important for supporting overall cellular health and many enzyme reactions. To be more precise, iron has a role in helping our body digest foods and absorb nutrinets, which can balance hormone levels and support organs, such as heart, skin and brain. Since the lack of energy is one of the most common sign of iron defficiency, in it only makes sense that we would feel energized when our iron level is sufficient.
The amount of iron you need depends on your age and gender. Children need to take in more iron daily (15–20 mg) because they are growing fast. Women, especially pregnant or nursing, need 50–60 mg of iron per day, while men need only 10 mg or less, because of their menstrual bleeding.

Role of iron as hangover cure

After a long night or day of drinking alcohol, your body gets low on many vitamins and essential minerals, and if you want to calm down the raging hangover the morning after, you have to do something. The smartest thing to do is to rake some foods or supplements that are rich with those vitamins and minerals that you lost. For example, oats can provide you with vitamins B, magnesium, calcium and iron. Once you regain everything that you lost, your hangover symptoms will slowly disappear. We can’t say that iron is a cure for hangover, alcoholism or any other alcohol related problem, but since iron is a natural energy booster, it makes you feel much better, along with others minerals and vitamins.

Iron infused supplements and hangovers

Iron supplements can help you build up the energy that is depleted from iron deficiency, but it is not recommended without consulting with pharmacist or doctor. When it comes to hangovers, the best option is iron infused supplement, rather than iron alone. Combination of essential minerals and vitamins can make wonder. Luckily, finding such a product is not impossible. Take Hangover Aid by Vit2Go! for example. It’s a hangover aid supplement that contains iron and many other essential micronutrients. Before you go to sleep, and after having a few more drinks, you can take in this supplement and it will keep your body hydrated and recovers the electrolyte and vitamin levels. By the time you wake up, your immune system will be enhanced and your body revitalizes.
Since one of the symptoms of hangover is lack of energy, this supplement will not allow you to feel low. This is a great news for those who have to go to work the morning after, and need all the energy they can get in order to function. Hangover Aid by Vit2Go! also prevents dehydration and nausea, which is the dream of every person who knows how painful hangovers can get. Get in touch with your body so you can choose the right method for you and relieve your hangover symptoms when they occur.
Each person is an individual for itself, and we all have different needs, but what we have in common is most currently iron. Make sure you get your blood analyzed regularly, especially if you are constantly feeling low and exhausted. In some cases, low iron can be fixed with different foods or iron supplement, but if it doesn’t happen visiting doctor is unavoidable.

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