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You hear about it a lot ever since the elementary school, but most people still wouldn’t be able to give you a right answer to the question, what is vitamin D? The funny fact about it is that vitamin D is actually not a vitamin in a real sense of the word, as this substance can be synthesized in the human body, unlike other vitamins.
Vitamin D was first discovered back in 1922 by Elmer McCollum, an American chemist who found it in cod liver. He named it vitamin D because he did not realize that it was already present in human bodies, and the name stuck ever since. The most common form of the vitamin, vitamin D3 is chemically known as choleoalciferol, which is the more correct term for the compound.
Now that we know what vitamin D is, let’s talk a bit about the vitamin D benefits, how to get enough of it and what may cause vitamin D deficiency as well as the symptoms of the condition.

Vitamin D benefits and deficiency

Vitamin D is the one micronutrient you will definitely want to get enough of if you want to keep your bones and your muscles healthy. Among its many benefits, vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium, the key mineral for the formation and health of your bones, which in turn means that having a healthy skeleton depends on getting enough vitamin D, especially vitamin D3.
More recent medical studies have brought vitamin D in relation with prevention of numerous diseases and conditions including osteoporosis among the elderly as well as type 1 diabetes, breast, colon and prostate cancer and many others. Vitamin D also helps reduce risks of heart attacks, multiple sclerosis and arthritis, so you will want to make sure you keep your vitamin D levels as high as possible.
The most common ways for a person to get into a state of vitamin D deficiency include not getting enough exposure to sunlight and eating a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet. Animal fats are the best nutritional sources of vitamin D3 and exposing yourself to sunlight will cause the vitamin to get produced in your very skin, eliminating the need for nutritional intake. However, a healthy combination of both is the best way to get enough vitamin D.
As already mentioned, a vitamin D deficiency may cause quite a few problems, most of them related to the health of your bones and your teeth. If you start experiencing discomfort in your joints, bones and muscles, it may be the right time to start taking vitamin D supplements such as IMMUNITY or ENERGY by Vit2go, which will keep your vitamin D levels high and your discomfort to a minimum.

Getting enough vitamin D

It is estimated that around 40% of the people in the developed world suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which makes this one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world. We have already discussed all the negative side effects which you may exhibit if you suffer from this deficiency, so let’s talk a bit more about how you can avoid it.
Depending from study to study, scientists believe that you need about 10 to 30 micrograms of vitamin D on a daily basis in order to maintain healthy levels of the nutrient in your bloodstream. To this end, you should be using all the possible vitamin D sources to get enough, which includes sunlight, food and supplementation.
The sunlight is the easiest and most reliable way of getting enough vitamin D, but the sun rays are not strong enough all year long in all parts of the world and few people really expose themselves to enough sunlight in the modern world. This is why eating vitamin D rich foods such as fatty fish, egg yolks or vitamin D enriched milk is very important if you intend to keep your vitamin D levels at an optimum.
Additionally, supplementation is a great way to get enough vitamin D, as well as other micronutrients, which is why taking multivitamin products is always recommended. Vit2go has produced a line of products for everyday life that all include vitamin D in significant dosages and which can really help you keep your vitamin D levels in check.
The IMMUNITY and ENERGY are the two products that anyone should use to keep his overall health in good shape, while the DRINK RECOVERY may be a bit more specific product but is still rich enough with vitamin D that even taking it on a regular basis will help you keep vitamin D deficiency away and your bones and muscles healthy.

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