How to throw a great summer garden party with your friends – 7 helpful tips


To satisfy your guests you have to take care of a lot of details. You can do everything that’s in your power to make this night unforgettable. Follow our 7 helpful tips to throw a great summer garden party and you will become the host of the year.

  1. Decoration

The first impression of this party will be the way you decorated your garden. Do you want to keep it simple or to go bold? It depends on your style and your mood, but your garden will certainly not look the way it usually does. We recommend using bright colours because it will be dark outside and the contrast is very good. Do not bring out decorations that can be broken. Balloons are always a good choice, and if you want a themed party then you can let your imagination lead the way. No matter how you decorate, your garden has to be clean and neat – that is the most important thing.

  1. Must have’s

You must have chairs so your guests can sit down while they are eating etc. It’s always smart to have some extra chairs just in case someone appears uninvited. You will need a roll of butcher paper, because, the chances of someone making a mess after having a few more drinks, are very high. Don’t forget the ashtray because you don’t want the smokers to throw the cigarette butts on the ground. A mosquito repellent is also a must have in this case.

  1. Food

You have to have some food at your garden because your friends will probably get hungry at some point. Make your snacks look as fun as they can and your party photos will look great. Choose food that is not sensitive to temperature, because it’s summer and you are outside with no fridge to store your food in. You also have to think of those who do not eat meat and prepare them something delicious to eat.

  1. Drinks

Prepare various alcoholic drinks for your friends who will be drinking, but also make sure to offer soft drinks for those guests who do not drink alcohol. Spare drinks and top them with cupcake liners and stuck straws through each liner so you can protect them from insects. You want the atmosphere to heat up but not your drinks, right? Make sure to freeze water balloons to keep bottled drinks cold.

  1. Taking photos

If there are no pictures on social networks it’s like the party never happened, right? In order to show everyone how successful your garden party was, create ideal corner for taking photos with your friends. You can find creative ideas online if you have no idea how that corner should look like. If your garden is beautiful and full of flowers it is enough to find a good spot under the illumination and your photos will be perfect.

  1. Music

Music is a huge part of the atmosphere at the party. Create a music playlist that will set the mood for the evening. It’s always a good idea to choose songs that your guests will know, so they can sing along. It’s important to add enough songs to your playlist so the music will go on the entire night, and you won’t have to repeat the same song over and over again.

  1. Good mood

Welcome your friends with a smile on your face and get ready for an incredible night. If anything goes wrong, don’t worry. You did the best you could and it’s time for you to enjoy. As long as you are in a great mood, your guests will also be happy at your garden summer party. Have fun!

How to cure a hangover in summer?

Garden parties are events that most definitely involve a fair share of drinking. Whether you are a host or a guest at the party, you will probably drink a lot throughout the night. Unfortunately, after such a night a nasty thing called hangover will visit you and make you feel very bad. If you want to send your hangover where it came from, follow our tips.
It’s crucial to stay hydrated, especialy since it’s summertime. Drink as much water as you can. Remember to take an anti hangover supplement like Hangover Aid by Vit2GO! to relieve the symptoms of your hangover. The last, but certainly not the least – avoid mixing different drinks and having too much cigarettes. That will make you nauseus and you will not be able to fall asleep. Sleep deprivation is the worst thing for your hangover.
Follow are tips for throwing a party and for avoiding an awful hangover the morning after.

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