Do it yourself – Super healthy green Smoothies


We all know just how good vegetables are for us, but let’s face it, we don’t all love to eat them with our meals and even just preparing those same old salads every day can get quite repetitive and boring. There is a great alternative to this however, as smoothies are a fantastic way to get all your greens and veggies in one single tasty cup of green delight.
To make things more clear, humans don’t really need the greens, we need the micronutrients found in them. The valuable minerals and vitamins you get from green vegetables can hardly be matched by anything and although you can get your micronutrients from supplements as well, getting them directly from the veggies and fruit is the best way to go about it.
There are plenty of fantastic supplements out there, such as the Immune System Booster and Natural Energy Booster by Vit2Go! that go a long way in replacing the greens, but if you want to do it yourself and make your own smoothies designed to fit your own needs, we bring you some great green smoothies recipes that you will surely be dying to try yourself.

  1. Orange and Ginger green smoothie

Fibers are very important for healthy digestion, yet we don’t always think about it and often stay underfed in fibers. This smoothie is designed specifically to fill you up on fibers as well as plenty of other important nutritious elements. To make it, you will want to blend some spinach and romaine before adding bananas, oranges and ginger. You can decide for yourself which one you want most of, but keeping it balanced will really get you a ton of nutrients and fibers in a single glass of an extremely tasty and well-rounded smoothie.

  1. Spinach, Coconut and Grapes smoothie

Another great smoothie recipe, especially if you think you need more iron and calcium, which are two of the most important minerals for humans, this one will get you loaded on them as well as some dietary fiber for better digestion. There isn’t much to making this one, as you can place a single cup of spinach and grapes into the blender and add about ¼ of a cup of coconut milk and some ice and blend it all. Once done, the smoothie will taste great and keep your mineral levels high.

  1. Kale, Bananas and Apples smoothie

Quite a complex smoothie that includes greens like kale and celery, this particular smoothie conceals the taste of the greens almost completely and makes for a great way to get your greens without the often dreaded taste that many people can’t stomach. If you are on the lookout for a smoothie that won’t taste like the greens but will give you the fantastic benefits, then place a stalk of celery, ¾ of a cup of kale, half a banana, some apple juice and a bit of lemon juice into the blender and start stirring. The resulting product tastes better than most fruit juices and comes with tons of minerals, vitamins and some fiber and protein for good measure.

  1. Pear, Spinach, Kale and Coconut smoothie

If you prefer your smoothies slightly more complex and even more diversified in the nutrients, than this smoothie recipe is the right match for you. The smoothie gets you an incredible array of health benefits, including a host of vitamins and minerals from its different ingredients, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant perks of pears and a great source of hydration.
To make this smoothie, you will want to add your liquids first. Pour 1 cup of coconut water, 1/3 cup of coconut milk and a single tablespoon of agave syrup into the blender first. Take one half of a lime and squeeze the juice into the mix. Once ready, add one pear and 2 handfuls of each spinach and kale into the blender and start blending. Once the smoothie is ready, it will be sufficient for two glasses and as always, it is best consumed immediately after the blending, before any nutrients are lost.

  1. Spinach and Protein smoothie

It is not every day that someone will suggest you put spinach into your protein smoothie, but if you think about it, why not kill two flies with a single stroke and get your protein and your micronutrients at the same time. This particular smoothie is designed to be used after a workout, but if you use it in the middle of a work day, you won’t be doing wrong either.
In order to make it, you will need 2 scoops of your favorite protein powder, 1 cup of spinach, a tablespoon of honey, 1 cup of ice and about two ounces of cold water. Blend it all in a high speed blender and you will get a smoothie that is not just rich in micronutrients like vitamin K but also a great way to get an instant boost of protein and carbs you may need after a long workout session.

Using supplements instead of smoothies

Of course, smoothies are not everyone’s cup of tea and if you don’t have the patience to go out, buy fresh veggies and fruit, clean the blender etc., using supplements like Immune System Booster and Natural Energy Booster may be a great idea for you.
These products are so rich with micronutrients that we can guarantee you will feel better when taking them and there is no doubt in our mind that every single person out there should be using at least one of these products to better their health.
Whether you will choose supplements or go the other way, do it yourself, and make yourself fresh and healthy smoothies on a daily basis is up to you, but the one sure thing is that you should not forget to get loaded up on healthy nutrients every single day of your life.

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