Sport with hangover – Does it really help your body?


If there is one bad thing about crazy parties, it is certainly the nasty hangover you have to deal with the day after. In fact, hangovers can get so bad that many people avoid drinking only because they don’t want to face the side effects the next day.
If you are one of the people who suffer badly when they are faced with a hangover, you are probably wondering how to prevent a hangover or at the very least how to cure a hangover without having to spend the day recovering in bed.
The truth is that there isn’t one single hangover cure out there that will cure all your symptoms, but there are many things that can help you recover including sport and recreation. In this article, we take a look at how sport after hangover may help you and whether or not physical activity helps reduce hangover symptoms.

The bad sides of sports when suffering from a hangover

Sports and recreation are generally a healthy thing so you would expect it to have some good effects on those suffering from a hangover as well. In fact, when it comes to tips for hangover, most people tend to mention sports as one of the things they do when trying to get rid of a hangover.
However, there are a few things to consider about using sports as a hangover cure that may actually make you reconsider. For starters, one of the main symptoms of a hangover is dehydration and physical exertion can cause this particular symptom to get even worse, as you sweat and lose bodily fluids.
Furthermore, many people can feel nauseous when they have a hangover and in such cases any movement, especially sports or exercise can cause vomiting and other nasty effects. Finally, it has been scientifically proven that physical activity does not increase the rate at which alcohol leaves your blood, so the entire theory of “sweating it out” does not really have too much merit.
If you are going to go running or do some sports the morning after a wild party, remember to keep plenty of water on you and don’t overdo it as you want to keep all the vomiting reserved for when you are drunk, not the day after.

The good it does

For all the negative things we wrote about in the last part, there are some positive things about doing sports on a hangover. The one that probably caused the entire myth about using exercise to heal hangovers is the fact that exercise causes an endorphin rush in our body and this can make us feel really good about ourselves.
This endorphin rush can make you feel like things are good and suppress the symptoms of the hangover for some time. By the time the endorphin has left the body, the alcohol may also be gone for the most part, so in some way doing sports when you wake up with a hangover may help you feel better about yourself.
Additionally, it is a really good habit to make yourself get out of bed and go running or exercising when you have a hangover as so many people just end up spending the day in bed. Seizing the day and grabbing the bull by the horns is certainly something that we can only admire. Just remember that exercise is not a magical cure to hangovers, and there are other things you should be doing as well.

Other hangover cures to look into

We have established that workouts are not a magical cure for hangovers so let’s think about what else we can do in order to get over the symptoms of a hangover.
The most important thing to remember when suffering from a hangover is to stay well hydrated, which is why water and electrolyte drinks are always a good idea. Anti-hangover supplements like Vit2go DRINK RECOVERY are also very helpful at these times as they help replenish the micronutrients in the body and serve as stimulants as well.
Getting a healthy and versatile breakfast the morning after is also a great idea if you prefer to replenish your vitamins and minerals the more traditional way. The few things you should probably stay away from include eating too many carbs and drinking caffeinated drinks as all of these are likely to make the symptoms even worse and not better.

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