Health benefits of drinking enough water and liquids


Most people understand that water is one of the primary sources of life on Earth as it is necessary for all living organisms to keep alive. From plants to animals and humans, we are all absolutely dependent on water and not getting any water will kill you a lot faster than not getting any food.
In fact, more than half of our entire body weight comes down to water. Approximately 60% of an adult human’s body weight is made up of water, which is easily lost through sweat and other bodily functions. Many other living organisms are made up of even more water, with some having as much as 90% water content in their bodies.
It is for this reason that hydration is one of the most important elements of taking care of your health on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we don’t always think about it, and oftentimes many health issues such as headaches or fatigue could be easily treated if we only remembered to drink enough water.
Not only is drinking water healthy in terms of illness prevention, but it also helps your mind and body work more optimally, improves your mood and prevents the feelings of fatigue and sleepiness. Keep reading to find out how much water you can drink a day without overdoing it and how much you should be getting to remain healthy and happy.

What is water important for?

Water molecules are found in every part of our body, with muscles, tissues and brain all composed of it in a big part. It is for this reason that keeping the body well hydrated and preventing the loss of water is so important. Since water is naturally lost from the body all the time, we must replenish it on a regular basis.
This is why health organizations suggest that every adult person drink approximately 2 liters of water per day, while athletes and other individuals who expose themselves to heavy physical activity levels should increase this amount even further.
Water is important for a whole number of processes in our body. The first and most noticeable thing you will notice if dehydrated will be fatigue, which can be caused by losing as little as 2% of your body’s water reserve, as shown by multiple medical studies. These studies showed that losing very little water can have significant impacts of the levels of physical and mental alertness and performance, while it is common for athletes to lose significantly more than this during a workout session or a sports match, making it an imperative to replenish the lost water supply.
Other studies that focused more on the impact of dehydration on the mental health and performance showed that losing water from the body can have significant negative effects on mood, memory and mental alertness as well as cause headaches and migraines. Studies in these showed significant changes in mood and significantly lower mental performance when even slightly dehydrated.
Not only has water proved to be very important in order to prevent various negative side effects of dehydration, but it has also been proven that water can actually help you perform better than expected. For instance, by improving your metabolism, water can significantly speed up the process of weight loss and many other processes such as digestion.

Getting enough water and keeping healthy

We have just established many reasons why water is so important, and the funny thing is that in the modern world, where water is so readily available, many individuals still manage not to get enough of it. This is usually because people don’t realize just how important water is, and they forget to drink enough, while many others don’t really know how much they need.
Of course, water alone is not enough to stay healthy, as our body needs a wide range of other healthy nutrients to maintain all its complex processes. While most of these can be acquired through regular nutrition, using supplements such as Vit2GO! Natural Energy Booster and Immune System Booster can also greatly help get enough of each of these crucial nutrients.
Together with water, minerals and vitamins perform their unique jobs in our body, helping us perform better and achieve all the things our body is capable of. Maintaining healthy levels of all these important nutrients and a healthy water percentage in our body inevitably leads to better performance and healthier organism.

Using water to combat hangovers

One interesting process that water is also extremely helpful with is fight against hangovers. Hangovers are caused by excess intake of alcohol which can cause severe dehydration and drinking enough water while drinking alcohol and the day after can greatly help alleviate these symptoms.
Of course, you should control yourself and try to avoid hangovers altogether, but when you fail at this, remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids and you should have much milder hangovers. If water alone is not enough, throwing in some Hangover Aid by Vit2GO! can help even more by fueling your body with natural and healthy nutrients it needs to recover as quickly as possible.

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