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Whether you drink occasionally or you are a party animal, most people have gotten drunk at some point and have suffered the consequences during the hangover the next morning. Hangovers have been around as long as alcohol has and the everlasting question has always been how to cure a hangover!?
The main problem with hangover is that while we may look at it as one event, it is in fact a series of reactions that our body makes to different things that ingesting too much alcohol has caused, so it can be difficult to find a single unified cure to hangovers. However, there are plenty of things you can do to make your hangover more manageable and ultimately, there may be a cure for hangovers after all.
Keep reading and find out what the best hangover cure is and what hangover aid you should be using after a wild night of clubbing or a romantic dinner that ended up in way too much wine going down your throat.

Sleep, eat and drink lots of fluids

One of the easiest ways to cure a hangover is to get a very good rest, if your lifestyle will allow it. Once you are finally home, we recommend drinking two glasses of water, because alcohol causes dehydration and has diuretic properties. Even better, if you don’t forget, drink a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage you have and the hangover should be a lot less extreme.
Now that you have rehydrated, go ahead and get some sleep. Your body works overtime when you are drunk, with organs such as liver and kidneys under severe stress, so you should not be stressing it out even further. Go and get a good night’s sleep and don’t wake up too early if you don’t absolutely have to.
If you have really overdone it with alcohol, it is likely you will wake up with a severe hangover and very dry mouth. It is time to hydrate again by drinking water, juice or sports drinks that contain electrolytes and vitamins which are always good for your body, even more so in this particular case. Eating carbs and fats will also help keep you from vomiting and increase your blood sugar which is likely to be down due to your liver being too busy metabolizing the extra alcohol.

Hair of the dog?

Hair of the dog that bit you is a popular method of curing a hangover, but one that is not really a solution. The premise is that you simply keep on drinking and this will keep the hangover away. While this does work in the short run, and you can simply get drunk again to avoid hangover symptoms, hair of the dog is far from being the best hangover cure.
If you do decide to go with this approach, make sure to keep it low key and not overdo it with the consumption. Having a drink or two the morning after can be reasonable, assuming you don’t have to go to work or school. Make sure you make a drink that is not too strong and preferably one that has some juice in it as well as this will help you down it and will also not dehydrate you further.

Pain killers and vitamins

Pain meds are a common hangover cure used by most people to alleviate headaches, which are one of the hangover symptoms. Pain medication is a really effective cure against hangovers and one we definitely support, as long as you remember to take them along with a lot of fluids.
Many people also propose that you should consume vitamins to cure a hangover, but scientifically speaking, vitamins don’t really disappear or replenish in our bodies fast enough for them to have an effect on a short term event such as a hangover. Consuming multivitamins will surely have a good overall effect on you, but they are not the best hangover cure you can come up with.

The ultimate hangover cure?

Containing seven different B vitamins, 4 amino acids, essential minerals and electrolytes, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and other natural ingredients, Vit2Go’s Hangover Aid may just be the best hangover cure currently available on the market. Hangover Aid is consumed best before sleeping after a wild night of partying.
Various natural ingredients in Hangover Aid make it the ultimate hangover cure. The magnesium in the mix helps prevent muscle cramps, chromium keeps your blood sugar levels at a good level, potassium helps you detox and various other minerals and vitamins all serve a specific purpose in combating the symptoms of a hangover. All of them combined make a great hangover cure and one that will likely change the way you feel the day after heavy drinking, forever. If you are looking to party with no fear or regret, Hangover Aid is the ultimate tool in your arsenal.

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