The ideal Hangover Kit – that’s what you should have available for a hangover


Celebrating is fun – to have a hangover afterward, not so much. Headache, nausea and an apocalyptic mood is not exactly what you want to experience in the morning after a delightful alcohol consumption the night before. Unfortunately, it’s a biological law – he who overindulges receives the receipt the following morning. But it’s nice to have a so-called “Hangover Kit“ available – just in case. It should contain everything you need to help you over that miserable hangover. Of course, very important is an anti-hangover remedy that frees you of your misery – or prevents it to happen in the first place. A remedy that effectively counteracts your hangover, is the “DRINK RECOVERY“ by Vit2go – you would do well to stock up on it now!

What is it in a hangover that makes you feel so bad?

For one thing, you will have noticed that you have to urinate more often after excessive alcohol consumption:  This means that much fluid is expelled and with it, of course, many important minerals. Because of this lack of electrolytes, your nerve cells [1] become slower in transmitting signals and cause slurred speech and slow actions. What does not improve things many times is the setting in which the alcohol is consumed – many times it’s loud, full of cigarette smoke, and is not likely to get you to move around, which worsens everything.
And the liver is very busy: After all, it has to detoxify you from the alcohol. Unfortunately, it has to work overtime, which leads to strong nausea. Furthermore, it uses so much energy that you become hypoglycemic. In addition to headache, you will experience nausea and vertigo. It’s also interesting that all variations of alcohol contain at least a little bit of “fusel alcohol“, meaning methanol. This is split up by two enzymes in the body. What’s left at the end are small amounts of formaldehyde and formic acid – and, yes, that’s as bad as it sounds. Is it any wonder that you get miserably nauseated? That’s why. To prevent a hangover would be a good idea in any case, don’t you think?

Unhappy woman with hangover.
A hangover is anything but fun.

How can a hangover be avoided?

You can start with avoiding a hangover in the middle of an alcoholic celebration. Make sure that you don’t get dehydrated by drinking a glass of water in between the alcoholic beverages. It makes sense to drink one glass of water as equalizer for each alcoholic drink. It is also important not to drink on an empty stomach, because that preprograms a hangover. Many times it is also difficult to get a good night’s rest after an evening of drinking, and that is especially important for breaking down the alcohol [2]. Try everything you can to sleep well. Make sure there is silence and that the room has been darkened, especially if daylight has broken.
If it’s too late to prevent a hangover and you are suffering mightily, you should at least try to eat something upon waking. Ideally, your hangover breakfast is salty and fatty, because it will give you energy and you can replace lost mineral salts. It would be best and safest to additionally reach for an anti-hangover remedy. DRINK RECOVERY contains eight different B vitamins, important amino acids, minerals and other vitamins. If this drink powder is taken quickly enough, an impending Hangover can be avoided.

Here are our tips to avoid a hangover:

  • Drink enough water in between alcohol
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Take anti-hangover remedy before going to sleep
  • Eat a hearty breakfast
  • Exercise in fresh air the next morning

What should a Hangover Kit contain?

A Hangover Kit should contain everything necessary to ease your“morning after“ or already the impending hangover night. That an anti-hangover remedy like DRINK RECOVERY should, of course, be in it is clear. Also, headache pills, a bottle of water and a snack – best salty-fatty – should be in it. A sleep mask, mouthwash, eye drops, and towelettes also make sense in case you’ll be away from home longer than expected, or must make a halfway good impression in spite of an impending hangover.
By the way, Hangover Kits make great gifts and are appropriate as a host gift because you can assemble them individually and design the kit for a specific “recipient“.  Let’s be honest, everyone is different – except for the fact that no one likes a hangover.

Sleep mask against hangover
A sleep mask makes sense in a Hangover Kit.

A Hangover Kit – the savior in all situations

As mentioned before, such a Hangover Kit is a really sensible idea for everyone who likes to celebrate and overindulge in alcohol once in a while. Regardless of whether it’s a bachelor party, a long club night or a festival, a Hangover Kit has its rightful place wherever alcohol is served. And that a remedy for hangover should definitely not be missing is, of course, clear.

 A Hangover Kit should be part of these events – our Top 5!

  • Festivals: Especially for festivals you should have your Hangover Kit with you. After all, you and your friends don’t want to stay with water and cola while your favorite bands are playing. Thanks to your Hangover Kit, you can prevent a hangover. And thanks to DRINK RECOVERY, festivals are no longer a problem.
  • Party night: You’ve turned the night into day again and it does not end alone in your home? So far so good. If you want to show yourself to your new friend in the best light, it makes sense to have your Hangover Kit with you.
  • Bachelor party: One of the men or women in your group wants to enter the “holy state of matrimony“? Well – parties should be celebrated whenever they fall, and in this case probably quite lavishly. Before you and your gang are so hung over the next morning that you can’t remember which one of you is supposed to be walking to the altar, taking a Hangover Kit with you and a good – if not to say very good – idea.
  • Holidays: Regardless if Christmas, New Year or May 1 – holidays are the perfect time to let those corks “pop“. Thanks to your Hangover Kits, you quickly feel better and can celebrate the holidays whenever they happen to fall. Without any guilty conscience.
  • Birthdays: You or one of your friends has a birthday? Of course, that has to be celebrated! And what’s the best way to do that? With a real party and all the appropriate drinks. As long as you have your Hangover Kit with, it does not matter whether the party gets a bit wild.

Important questions regarding the Hangover Kit

Is a Hangover Kit expensive?

That always depends on how you fill your kit, but in itself it should not be expensive. If you choose DRINK RECOVERY, a few towelettes and a mouthwash, that should not cost too much.

Where can I order DRINK RECOVERY? I’ve never seen it in a store.

So far, DRINK RECOVERY is available exclusively online and will arrive in just a few days. Depending on what type of Amazon account you have, it may sometimes take only 24 hours. And you can start to “craft“ your Hangover Kit.

What should a Hangover Kit contain in any case?

For certain, an effective anti-hangover remedy like, for example, DRINK RECOVERY, a mouth spray or chewing gum, a bottle of water, ibuprofen for acute headaches – if needed, eye drops or sunglasses to hide red eyes are beneficial.

With an appropriate Hangover Kit a hangover is no longer a drama!

A hangover is part of a life of celebrations. You have to break an egg to make an omelet. But, unlike celebrations, hangovers are no fun at all. Luckily, there are things you can do to combat that morning nausea – such as the anti-hangover remedy DRINK RECOVERY. It ensures that a hangover does not develop in the first place in that it helps detoxify your ill-treated body while at the same time supplying it with important nutrients. Ideally you’ll stow this delicious miracle cure in your Hangover Kit, which should contain everything to prevent a hangover. This way, a hangover can never again hurt you. Feel free to celebrate!

[1] Wang XM, Dayanithi G, Lemos JR, Nordmann JJ, Treistman SN. Calcium currents and peptide release from neurohypophysial terminals are inhibited by ethanol. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1991 Nov;259(2):705-11.
[2]Verster JC (23 January 2008). “The alcohol hangover–a puzzling phenomenon”. Alcohol and Alcoholism. 43 (2): 124–6. doi:10.1093/alcalc/agm163. PMID 18182417.

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