How to prevent a hangover after a music festival


Music festivals can be such a blast! If you have ever been to one, you will surely know what we are talking about and chances are you can’t wait to go to your next one. Festivals tend to last a couple of days and include tons of great loud music and, of course, lots of alcohol.
There isn’t really anything bad in letting your hair go and having some drinks while away to a music festival with your friends but the hangovers you can get after hard nights of drinking can sometimes really ruin the whole thing and make you regret even going.
Avoiding hangover is really important at such events and we are pretty sure you have spent years looking for a way to get there. Thanks to the Hangover Aid by Vit2GO!, you might never have to experience the hardships of a hangover again, but before you take that, let’s make sure you know a couple of other tricks that will help you avoid a hangover before it even happens.

Natural ways to avoid a hangover

A hangover might seem like one single thing, but in fact, it is a series of chemical and biological processes that happen in the body when the alcohol level gets too high. The symptoms of a hangover are probably well known to anyone reading this and they include nausea, fatigue, sleepiness, headache, vomiting and many others, all of which are quite nasty and not very pleasant.
The one sure thing is that during a multi-day music festival you won’t be able to have too much fun if you are always suffering from a hangover. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to reduce the risk and the symptoms of a hangover before you even get drunk, and this is quite an amazing preventive strike against a hangover.
The first thing to mention is that not all alcoholic beverages are the same. While you may measure the alcohol amount in two different drinks and come to the conclusion that they are the same, there are other things to worry about. The first of these are the congeners.
Congeners are chemical substances that are formed during the fermentation process and drinks like whiskey, cognac and tequila have lots of them. Without going into too much detail on why that is, many studies have shown that drinks that have high congener’s levels cause more intense hangovers, suggesting that drinking vodka, gin or other non-coloured drinks is a more prudent way of going about things if your intention is to avoid hangovers.
Once you have chosen your drink, make sure to stick to it. Changing lots of different types of alcoholic beverages during a night will not only cause potentially more severe hangovers but is also almost always going to make you sick to your stomach and ruin the party before it even starts.
While drinking, you should consider having a glass of water between every two drinks you consume in order to avoid dehydration, which is common when drinking alcohol. Furthermore, getting ready before drinking by eating some nutritious food, is also a smart way to prepare.

The morning after

Once your wild night of partying is over, make sure you get enough sleep. There is really no need to wake up early and even if your normal routine does dictate it, try to stay in bed a couple of hours longer than you normally would, in order for the main symptoms of a hangover to subside.
Once you are up, drinking some water and eating a nutritious breakfast with low carbs and lots of nutritious vitamins and minerals is definitely the way to go. Other things that can help with the symptoms of your hangover include getting some fresh air and maybe going for a light run or workout session, all in moderation.
Of course, if you really don’t like physical activity and still want to get through your hangover, sleeping it off is one way to go about it, while some also suggest having a drink of whatever you had last night the morning after as well, known as hair of the dog. Personally, we don’t recommend this.

Fighting poison with nutrition

Hangover Aid by Vit2Go! is a nutritious and incredibly powerful anti-hangover cure which is guaranteed to make most of your hangover symptoms go away. Using a mix of highly nutritious vitamins and minerals as well as some stimulants and other chemical compounds, the Hangover Aid aims straight at the heart of the problem and addresses the various symptoms of hangovers one by one.
Using the product has been shown to reduce dehydration, fatigue, headaches and nausea caused by hangovers and keeps you more alert and awake than you normally could be. This is why the product is ideal for music festivals and something everyone should bring to any type of a party.
With Hangover Aid, the party will go on for days, and you will be able to avoid those dreaded side effects of drinking alcohol and simply enjoy the life to its fullest and dance your life away with the beats of your favourite music.

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