Healthy hangover tips for the Apres Ski party


The Olympic Games are in full swing and so is the ski season, but for those of us who are not professional athletes, skiing is not all about the sport, but rather about hanging out, meeting new people and of course partying.
If you have ever been on a ski trip, you know that once the darkness falls and the skiing is done, it is time to start the party and get drinking. And while we all love to drink a beer or two and relax with our friends, the everlasting question is how to get rid of a hangover the day after?!
The popular concept of apres ski party usually ends with lots of people getting pretty drunk, and this is not a problem considering we are all having a good time and there is plenty of time to rest up. But if you want to be up early the next day and get some skiing done as well, here are some tips as to how to get rid of a hangover in a healthy and real way.

Get ready and keep hydrated

Before you start your party, don’t forget to eat! This is a crucial thing that so many people often forget, which makes them get drunk fast and get drunk pretty bad. Eating well before you start drinking alcohol, with plenty of greasy food as well as eating while you are drinking will reduce your peak blood-alcohol concentration, which simply means you will get led drunk. The less drunk you get, the milder the hangover effects will be.
Another important thing to remember is to keep drinking water or juice while you are drinking alcohol, because it will make you have to urinate a lot and this means you will expel a lot of fluid from your body. Many of the hangover symptoms are directly tied to this loss of fluid, so keep well hydrated and potentially drink some non-alcoholic drinks in between your alcoholic drinks to keep the fluid expulsion to a minimum.

Get up and start moving

While staying in bed and sleeping in may be one way to live through the symptoms of a hangover, it certainly isn’t the most effective one. In fact, if you are experiencing a bad hangover, it is probably time to get moving. Get out of bed, have an aspirin, drink water, have some breakfast and most importantly get some fresh air.
Going for a run after having a light but carb infused breakfast with lots of water will definitely alleviate the symptoms of your hangover. Of course, it is important that you got a decent amount of sleep, but sometimes being really hungover will get you waking up really early and this is ok.
Seize the day, as they say, get some food and physical activity in and you will likely be up to your usual self in no time. When looking at how to get rid of a hangover, going fully natural and just trying to have a healthy morning will go a long way.

Get some Hangover Aid by Vit2Go!

Of course, while water and food will help, there are even more advanced ways of treating a hangover and Vit2Go! Hangover Aid is one of the most powerful ones. Hangover Aid is a potent anti-hangover drink which is infused with some of the most crucial micronutrients such as magnesium, vitamins B, vitamin C and vitaminD3, calcium, potassium, chromium and many other minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which help your body recuperate after the stress of excessive alcohol consumption.
Hangover Aid is a fully natural supplement as well, meaning that you will not be consuming any additional chemicals or putting anything in your body that does not belong there. Instead, you will be getting proper doses of the most important micronutrients, many of which are crucial in combating the symptoms of a hangover, including nausea, headache and others.

Get ready for a wild Apres Ski party

Now that you know how to deal with your hangover, it is time to get your ski gear ready, hit those mountains and have some fun both in daytime and at night. Make sure you bring some Hangover Aid with you as you will likely need it after a crazy night of partying it up with your colleague skiers.
It is the morning after that counts, so make sure you use all the tips we gave you to get out of bed early the day after and keep a clear head as you hit the track once more and show of your insane skills on the skis. While it may not seem like sports and partying go hand in hand, with proper management, you can easily have a trip that includes both with no big problems.

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