Hair of the dog – Does it actually cure a hangover?


This method is called the ‘hair of the dog’ but it actually has nothing to do with dogs nor their hair. The main idea for this cure is inspired by the method of curing rabies by drinking a potion that contains a hair from the dog that you got bitten by. Get the logic? It’s pretty simple. If you want to cure your hangover, you have to drink more of what gave you the hangover in the first place. You may be surprised, but plenty of people report their satisfaction with this method. After they wake up from a night of drinking, they start their day by having another drink. Some people can’t even look at alcoholic beverages when their hangover kicks off, but others claim that this is an excellent solution to their problem. What do scientist have to say about this hangover aid? Can it really cure hangover or not?

Scientific explanation of ‘hair of the dog’ method

Since the worst symptoms of hangover begin once your alcohol level drops to zero, having a drink in the morning will just postpone those symptoms. They won’t magically disappear for good. Doctors suggest that you should wait for 48 hours until your body is fully recovered before you take another drink. It does make sense, but there must be a reason why people use this cure over and over again. If it is making them feel even worse why don’t they stop using it? Here’s an explanation. Since the first symptom of hangover is the feeling of withdrawal, we think that having another drink is a quick fix. So if you want a quick fix, go ahead, but calling this method a cure is a bit misleading.
People still use this method because their headache and other terrible hangover symptoms vanish after they have a drink and their feeling of pleasure increases. Their logic goes like this: “I drink alcohol in order to feel good in the first place, so why should I stop now when I’m feeling terrible?” If you have important event right after your drinking adventure, and you can afford staying in bed all day feeling miserable, than this solution may feel like an excellent choice. You have to be aware that you are delaying your hangover symptoms by using this method, but sooner or later you will have to man-up and face your problems. Here are some suggestions that may actually help you deal with hangover.

Tips on how to get rid of a hangover

Doctors recommend drinking a glass of water between drinks because it’s very important to stay hydrated. Water can slow the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol. It’s also smart to eat before you start drinking – you don’t want to drink on an empty stomach. When you wake up, instead of having another drink or coffee, it’s smarter to drink water. It’s obvious that water has the biggest role in dealing with hangover. It also makes a big difference if you get enough sleep because if you wake up tired things can get messy. Try not to smoke while you are drinking because smoking cigarettes can lead you to a worse hangover.
Another thing that can help cure or prevent hangover is water-dissolvable food supplement, such as Vit2Go! Hangover Aid. To avoid feeling miserable and drained the next morning this supplement will help you rehydrate and resupply your lost nutrients. If you can control yourself when drinking, you won’t need this, but once you get a feeling that you are overdoing it, do something about it. Take Vit2Go! Hangover Aid along with you, just in case of an emergency.
It goes without saying that if you drink moderately you won’t have to fear what will happen when you wake up. Pick your drinks based on your earlier experience, alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and don’t have one over the eight. Easier said than done? Probably, but, this is the only legit way to avoid a nasty hangover.
“Hair of the dog” is a short term solution, and there are no evidence that it’s a helpful hangover aid. If you have an upcoming event you can’t avoid, and you are feeling so low that getting out of your bed feels like climbing a mountain, you may benefit from Hangover Aid. This will postpone your hangover symptoms, but it is definitely smarter preventing your symptoms rather them postponing them. You can do that by drinking a lot of water, taking Vit2Go! Hangover Aid before going to bed, and having enough sleep.

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