Energy Drink – Good in a slump or bad for health?


When you decide on an energy drink, of course, you expect a quick power kick. An energy booster has many advantages and is good for a variety of situations. Whether in the office, before going to the gym, a party or a festival: Sometimes speed is of the essence when boosting energy. In today’s meritocracy, slumps cannot be tolerated. Of course, the market has adapted to this demand a long time ago and offers a variety of energy boosters which are marketed in various flavors. But here, too, one thing is true: Not everything that glitters is gold. Not only are many energy drinks high in calories, they also contain many additives which are not exactly natural. If you want to give your body a healthy energy kick, then get Natural Energy Booster by Vit2Go!

The ingredients in an energy drink

The energy drink offers in a regular supermarket can hardly be comprehended – as soon as you enter the drinks department, you are overwhelmed with choices. However, generally speaking, the energy boosters vary only by taste, because the ingredients in energy boosters are almost always the same, as a look onto the label quickly reveals:

What is actually the effect of an energy booster?

In addition to the caffeine, which stimulates the metabolism and alertness of the body, the sugar contained in most of them ensures a quick energy kick. The sugar contained in the drink ensures not just a quick, temporary energy boost, but also adds lots of calories which, sooner or later, will raise body weight.  Because of this, many sugar-free variations of the drinks are sold, but artificial sweeteners should also be carefully considered. Generally speaking, the effect of an energy drink is as follows: Concentration and stamina are raised, the heartbeat accelerates, and the blood pressure rises. While an energy drink may contain no more than 32 milligrams of caffeine [1] per 100ml, one cup of coffee contains between 50 and 10 milligrams. Nevertheless, it is important that you consider the drink a coffee replacement and not ”slam down“ energy boosters by the liter plus coffee, because you will have the following undesirable side effects:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Vertigo
  • Tremors in hands
  • Problems with stomach and colon

As previously mentioned, taurine is an important ingredient in energy drinks. It is said that, while this ingredient itself is not greatly stimulating, it boosts the effect of the other ingredients. By the way, taurine does not come from bull testicles – as has been assumed for a long time – but is synthesized in the laboratory. The ingredient is not toxic, is synthesized in the human body from two amino acids and ensures a stable nervous system. Babies, for example, take it in with the mother’s milk, so there is no need to panic over taurine.

Athletic man with an energy drink
Energy drinks supply new energy in sports.

You should avoid energy drinks and  energy drink powder if you have heart problems, your blood pressure tends to go up and down, or you are younger than 16. Because of some unfortunate events in the past, there now is a ban on selling energy drinks to youngsters under 16 [2]. Pregnant and nursing women should also avoid the energy kick from the can.

Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Who has not experienced this – you are at a party or a festival, and you feel like having a vodka with a nice kick of energy. On the surface, nothing can be said against that. However, you are going to have the problem that both the energy drink as well as the alcohol will dehydrate your body. Furthermore, you will feel less drunk because of the energy kick, and may drink more than you had intended to. That’s why you should never get behind the wheel if you’ve had alcohol, regardless of whether or not you feel drunk.

Young man surrounded by many bottles of alcohol
Energy drinks and alcohol – not a good idea!

Healthy Energy Drinks – do they exist?

Now that you know the effects of energy drinks and the ingredients they contain, you may ask yourself if there are any healthy energy drinks, not full of sugar, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavorings. Luckily there is  the Natural Energy Booster. In addition to natural caffeine, made from the Guarana plant, this natural energy drink also contains 8 vital B vitamins, and is sweetened with the natural sweetener stevia. Especially handy in the Natural Energy Booster is the fact that it comes in powder form that’s available in small sachets. It is simply mixed with water and does not take up space in the refrigerator or the backpack. This makes the Natural Energy Booster perfect for travel or for going to festivals. The fruity ginger-lime flavor also ensures a taste kick in this natural Energy Drink.

Here is an overview of the Natural Energy Booster:

  • Natural caffeine from the Guarana
  • Delicious natural ginger-lime flavor
  • Perfect for taking with you
  • Space-saving storage
  • Effective and natural
  • With eight B vitamins and important amino acids

Do Energy Drinks make sense in sports?

Whether energy drinks improve athletic performance is unclear. There are studies that prove it, while other studies have not been able to prove higher athletic performance with energy drinks. However, since energy drinks dehydrate your body, you should make sure to take in additional water if you decide on an energy drink before sport activities. Furthermore, energy drinks containing sugar make little sense if you are doing sports for weight loss. Here the Natural Energy Booster is a good choice because it is sweetened with the no-calories, natural sweetener stevia.

You need more energy? Here are a few tips!

Although a natural energy drink (of course, not drunk by the liter) can be a good remedy against an occasional slump or be a good alternative to cola or coffee, you should not rely on energy from a powder or a can. If you are really chronically tired, consulting your doctor is worthwhile to make sure everything is OK with your physical health. For example, if your blood is low in iron, you will have a hard time dealing with everyday demands. If that is not the case, you should ask yourself if you are getting sufficient sleep. Many people sleep a whole lot less than they think they are.
Drinking enough is also important (of course, alcohol-free), and at least make an effort to eat healthy foods. Especially snacks containing a lot of sugar will give you a temporary energy boost, but long-term will make you even more tired than you already are.  Also try to have regular meals and regular exercise – preferably out in the fresh air. Yes, all this may sound pretty boring, but you will see that energy problems are often self-induced and can be overcome pretty quickly.

FAQs regarding Energy Drinks

What is better: Energy Drinks with sugar or artificial sweetener?

Neither sugar nor artificial sweeteners are a good choice. The best idea is to choose an energy drink containing a natural sweetener. For example, the Natural Energy Booster, which is sweetened with stevia.

How do I know that I’ve had too much caffeine?

You have taken in too much caffeine if you experience rapid heartbeat, feel agitated, or experience vertigo. If you feel nauseated or dizzy after caffeine, you should stop taking it immediately and consider seeing your doctor. Especially if the symptoms get worse.

Do energy drinks have to be refrigerated?

In the end, that’s a matter of taste – you decide if you want your drink ice-cold or not. In the supermarket they are offered cooled and not cooled. The choice is yours. Of course, you should not store your energy drinks in the blazing sun. In the case of the Natural Energy Boosters you receive an energy drink powder which you should store in a cool and dry place.

Make sure your energy drinks are natural!

These days, energy drinks are offered by the dozen. Nothing against them because these drinks with the special kick offer not only a quick energy boost, but also taste more refreshing than a hot cup of coffee.   Regardless of usage in your personal life or at work, energy boosters are effective and easily obtained.  However, here you should also separate the wheat from the chaff – natural energy drinks, such as the Natural Energy Booster, contain no artificial flavors or colors and are not sweetened with sugar, but with stevia. Furthermore, there is much you can do yourself to boost your energy level naturally.

[1]  Smith A (September 2002). “Effects of caffeine on human behavior”. Food and Chemical Toxicology. 40 (9): 1243–55. doi:10.1016/S0278-6915(02)00096-0. PMID 12204388.
[2] Smith, Leesa (3 September 2014). “‘My heart just hit the floor’: A mother’s pain after her son died from drinking FOUR energy drinks daily… as a doctor warns no more than two caffeinated drinks per day”. Daily Mail Australia. Archived from the original on 4 September 2014. Retrieved 3 September 2014.

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