Fascia Training – Why is it so good for you


Susanne Linecker, the founder of fascia training, discovered it after an injury and until then her success was fascinating. It makes sense that this training can help you recover after an injury, or prevent injuries, because fascia, or “connective tissue” is our largest sensory organ that runs throughout our entire body, giving us shape and structure. Fascia has 4 different functions: to shape, move, communicate and support. Basically, it holds our body together. It’s important for our sense of well-being and strength since it effects our entire immune system. This training will boost your energy level and make you feel brand new.

What are the elements of fascia training?

Since fascia has 4 basic functions, fascia training should include these four elements: fascial stretch, rebound elasticity, proprioceptive refinement and fascial release. If you want to target each type of fascia tissue, you are not supose to skipp these elements.
Fascial stretch includes exercises that involve our entire body, and their goal is to improve the mechanical properties of fascia and increase flexibility. It‘s important to stretch every bit of the fascial area in order to have an effective training. We use both legs and hands, and our back has to stay straight while we are twisting in all directions.
Rebound elasticity includes exercises such as butt kickers, skipping and high knees and their main goal is to help us strenghten our fascia. These exercises work with elastic rebound, and it’s very important to engage in elastic jumps. As we do that, our energy gets transfered throughout our entire body.
Proprioceptive refinement includes kinesthetic exercises, and they can help you become aware of your movements and coordination. Kinestetic sense is very important and it should be trained regularly, without any distractions. Turn off your mobile phone and any other distractor, and just be aware of your body so you can move smoothly and evenly.
Fascial release involves a self-massage of the fascia and it‘s one of the most popular element of fascia training. You can engage in this massage by using special foam rollers, tennis balls or rubber balls, and it’s important to have a gentle and steady pressure. That pressure leads to exchanging the fluids in the tissue since it’s placed on the fascia. This massage will relieve your stiffness and make you feel relaxed.

How often should you do fascia training?

If you already have your own training plan, and it’s working out great, you don’t have to give that up in order to start fascia training. You can integrate fascia-focused exercises into your workout routine. Before you do that, make sure you do your detailed research on fascia training, so you can find exercises that are perfect for you. You can read a book about it or talk to an expert.
If you don’t have a habit of exercising and you want to kick it off, fascia training will definitely boost your energy levels and motivate you to stick with your workout. It’s recommended 2-3 times a week, so you will need all the motivation and inspiration you can get, in order to stay persistent and respect this routine. If you work in an office and have to sit down all day, your body will thank you if you strengthen your fascia by this powerful training.

Fascia training combined with Natural Energy Booster

When you exercise, your body loses fluids and important minerals, but that should not be your excuse to give up! That problem can be fixed by using Natural Energy Booster from Vit2Go! which is taking care of your immune system and making it hard for you to get ill due to mentioned losses. This beverage is full of vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids, which will restock your nutritional reserves, so you can exercise without any concerns. You will have enough energy to proceed with the hardest parts of fascia training if you drink Natural Energy Booster from Vit2Go! because it has natural caffeine derived from guarana.
Fascia training is fitness trend that will boost your immune system and impact your general well-being. Make sure to follow the instructions for this training from books or your personal trainer, so you can have a maximum benefit from it. At first, your muscles and fascia may feel sore, but don’t give up! Have a refreshing bevarage Natural Energy Booster from Vit2Go! and keep exercizing. Your immune system will be improved, you will feel energized and the only thing that will be low is your chance to get ill.

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