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We’re sure you know about this – you’re at a party to celebrate, you’re in high spirits and you drink one beer after another. Perhaps you’re not in the mood for moderation that evening, or perhaps you have overrated yourself. The bill comes due the following morning – headache, nausea, and the feeling like you don’t ever want to drink another drop of alcohol for the rest of your life.  Your mood is down the dumps and all you can think about is how to survive the next ten minutes without ingesting the entire bottle of aspirin.. There should be a drink against hangover. Something to chase away this penalty for overindulgence. Never fear – there already is an effective drink to fight hangover! Simply get Hangover Aid by Vit2Go! – it’s quick and effective.

What, exactly, is a hangover?

Of course, everyone knows what a hangover feels like – but what actually happens in the body when you have one? Why does a hangover feel like you’ve been hit by an express train at full speed? At this point let’s talk about some more or less useful knowledge – the German word for hangover („Kater“)  stands for the latin-based catarrh. Catarrh stands for all types of inflammatory illnesses, that make you feel miserable and abandoned by the world.

Here, once more, the typical hangover symptoms:

  • Dehydration
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue

Are you getting sick just reading about this? It’s true that a hangover is really no fun and should best be prevented in the first place. And, by the way, that hangover symptoms are due just to the dehydration of the body, is not the whole story. Another problem is the liver. To deal with the masses of alcohol, it needs energy – in this case glucose to be exact. And, of course, your brain also needs this energy in order to keep your entire system going. This means that you are becoming hypoglycemic. And that’s causing the typical symptoms of headache, fatigue and nausea [1].

Drink to cure hangover – what is effective against too much alcohol?  

It’s no wonder that everyone is searching for a drink to cure hangover. Hangovers are the absolute death of fun when celebrating and, therefore, unnecessary. Since many cannot or do not wish to accept hangovers, they try all sorts of different home remedies, which help mitigate hangovers or prevent them entirely. Perhaps you also know some of these “tricks“, like eating fatty foods before drinking alcohol, not mixing different types of alcohol, drink water or soft drinks in between, and not “slamming down“ alcohol.  There is nothing wrong with these tips, but they do not help mitigate a hangover or keep it from happening altogether.
Which drink helps to fight hangover? This is a question many ask themselves – and rightfully so. The best drink against hangover is the anti-hangover remedy Hangover Aid. Hangover Aid functions in a way that keeps hangovers from happening in the first place. According to its slogan “Wasted today – Don’t waste tomorrow“ Hangover Aid makes sure that your body gets everything back that it has lost through alcohol consumption. The delicious drink powder contains three amino acids, seven B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, magnesium and additional minerals. Taking it is very simple: You put the content of one of the practical Hangover Aid packets into a glass of water, stir briefly, and you’ll have a delicious drink. Your body regenerates itself while you sleep and is being supplied with the perfect nutrients. Detoxification of the liver is stimulated and the loss of electrolytes is effectively compensated. And the best thing is that Hangover Aid really tastes good and will remind you of a fruity mango drink.

Best drink to cure hangover – Hangover Aid

  • Contains seven B vitamins
  • With vitamin C and zinc
  • With important electrolytes
  • Delicious, fruity taste
  • Mix it quickly
  • Comes in a practical sachet

Drinks to fight hangover – luckily no longer a dream

While people before you have had to fight the worst hangover experiences, thanks to Hangover Aid this has become water under the bridge for you. These days, whoever does not want a hangover does not have to have one, as long as he quickly takes the necessary counter-measures.

Man vomits into a toilet
Unfortunately, nausea is part of a hangover

Protein Load

How often have you heard that a hangover disappears if you eat protein, such as pickled herring or eggs? But be serious – who could bring himself to eat those things in the face of oncoming nausea? The Amino acids in Hangover Aid are certainly more effective and will not cause nausea.

The hair of the dog

We are sure you’ve heard of this glorious tip – keep drinking when you have a hangover. Of course, this is not a good idea, since the liver cannot detoxify itself and the body becomes even more dehydrated.

Pills and Water

When it seems like everything has gone against you, only two things remain: Headache pills and a lot of water. But since the horse has already left the barn, you are left to suffer the bad consequences. It would have been better to prevent the hangover in the first place. Of course, now your only wish is to end the pounding headache quickly, however pain pills prevent the detoxification of the liver [2] and cause the hangover to last even longer.

Which drink helps to fight hangover?

Pouring milk into a glass
Milk against hangover? Not a good idea!

There is actually no drink that can help to fight a hangover, except a mixture of active ingredients like Hangover Aid. Coffee can help you feel more awake, but it further dehydrates the body which can lead to further hangover symptoms. Juices or isotonic drinks are often the better choice because they return energy and electrolytes to the body. Nevertheless, these advantages cannot reach the effectiveness of the ideally optimized anti-hangover remedy like Hangover Aid.

Here a few additional anti-hangover tips:

In addition to a good drink of Hangover Aid and sufficient water, there are a few other things you can do to banish the hangover moster:

  • Activity:

    Ok, we understand you – you woke up with a pounding headache, terminal nausea, and the worst you can imagine is that you should somehow get up. In order to reactivate your ill-treated circulation, you should at least get yourself into a sitting position. Of course, it would be super if you can manage a little walk in fresh air. But hey – we sympathize with you and are satisfied if you can manage to sit up. As you can see, the bar hangs pretty low here.

  • Oxygen:

    You felt cold on going to sleep and, of course, have closed the window, right? Not a good idea. Immediately open the window so that your system can be supplied with fresh air. You’ll see that you are feeling better.

  • Brushing teeth:

    Yes, ok – you might be feeling nauseated, but you will gain much if you can manage to brush your teeth. You will immediately feel more awake and fresher, and everything that happened last night will start to recede from your memory.

  • Eating:

    We know this is not such an easily implemented tip, but once you start feeling less nauseated, you should try to eat something. Salt and grease usually taste best under these circumstances. That’s why Fast Food is a good idea – but whatever you like is permitted.

Important questions all around the hangover subject

Is milk helpful against a hangover?

Taking milk during a hangover is neither a good nor a bad idea, but it certainly is not a remedyfor a hangover. If you feel like drinking milk during a hangover you can, of course, do that, but it really does not help cure your hangover.

Is it imperative to vomit during a hangover?

No, it is not, although most people with a hangover are terribly nauseated and really want to vomit. However, should you not feel like vomiting during your hangover, you should not force it.

Is it permitted to go swimming during a hangover?

There are no objections to sports activities during a hangover, as long as they are light and you are feeling sufficiently fit. However, swimming can be dangerous since you may still feel a bit dazed and could easily drown.

[1] Penning R, McKinney A, Verster JC (May–Jun 2012). “Alcohol hangover symptoms and their contribution to the overall hangover severity”. Alcohol and Alcoholism. 47 (3): 248–52.
[2] Mohammadi S, Nezami A, Esmaeili Z, Rouini MR, Ardakani YH, Lavasani H, Ghazi-Khansari M. A Disposition Kinetic Study of Tramadol in Intoxicated Rats Induced by Ethanol and Acetaminophen in Perfused Rat Liver Model. Alcohol. 2018 Sep 21. pii: S0741-8329(18)30107-1. doi: 10.1016/j.alcohol.2018.09.006

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