10 Myths about alcohol – True or False?


Alcoholic beverages have been around for centuries and their main effects have been well known for the same time. If you drink a lot, you will get drunk, and suffer all the side effects that come with being drunk. However, there are many other alcohol related assumptions, some of which are true and others not so much.
In this article, we look into some of the most common alcohol related myths and try to uncover which of them are true and which have been made up by people over the course of ages for various reasons. Keep reading and find out just which of the myths about alcohol you have always believed are actually true.

1. Drinking alcohol can make you fat – TRUE

Alcoholic beverages tend to be quite high in calories. If you consider that a bottle of beer or a glass of wine can have anywhere between 130 and 220 calories and that people tend not to stop at one, you can easily be talking about 1.000 extra calories ingested during a night out or a wild party.
If you add to this the fact that alcohol tends to make us hungry and lower our inhibitions in every sense, there is a good chance that if you drink often, you will gain some extra pounds. If you drink cocktails, you will be ingesting extra sugar and if you get a burger and fries to go with your beer, the amount of calories you take in can grow quite exponentially.

2. If I mix my drinks I will get more drunk – FALSE

How drunk you get from drinking alcohol really depends on how much alcohol you consume during a period of time. Drinking beer, wine, shots or mixing the lot will not make much difference in terms of how drunk you will get. It might, however, make your stomach sick if you mix all these different drinks in a single evening.
As you drink alcoholic drinks, the alcohol gets absorbed into the blood, which is what causes symptoms of drunkenness. There is very little difference between drinking different types of alcohol, except the fact that some alcoholic drinks contain a higher percentage of alcohol, meaning you will need less to get drunk.

3. Drinking a lot can make me less fertile – TRUE

There is truth to this one. According to multiple medical studies, drinking alcohol on a regular basis can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm cells in males, making them less fertile or even sterile. If you are planning to have a family any time soon, you should think about putting the bottle down and if you want to be sure that your sperm quality remains high, you might want to think about quitting alcohol altogether.

4. White wine won’t get me as drunk as red – FALSE

This is absolutely not true. Both white and red wine tend to contain about the same volume of alcohol, and depending on the particular bottle you are drinking you may get a bit more or less drunk. In general, white wine is not less of a risk in terms of getting drunk and the best way not to get drunk from either red of white wine is to drink them in moderation.

5. If I drink water, my hangover won’t be as bad – TRUE

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means your body will likely get dehydrated when you drink a lot and the morning after you may very well wake up with dry lips and mouth and generally with less water in your organism. Replenishing water can reduce some effects of a hangover, but it won’t completely cure it. Drinking water in between your alcoholic drinks can also reduce how drunk you get and how bad of a hangover you will have. Vit2go DRINK RECOVERY in addition to the water will help make the effects of a hangover even more tolerable as it will help you replenish your minerals and vitamins as well.

6. Alcohol has stimulating effects – FALSE

While you may feel more energized and happy when you are drunk, this is only because alcohol decreases your inhibitions through its depressive features. Instead of picking you up, alcohol actually brings you down, it only takes time for it to do so and since inhibitions are the first to go, you may feel like you are in a great mood and life of the party. Eventually, alcohol will bring you down and you will feel depressed or fall asleep every single time, so drinking in moderation is very important.

7. Alcohol makes pregnancy less likely – TRUE

Just like men, women can have problems in trying to conceive if they are regular drinkers. A study conducted by British Medical Journal has shown that drinking just five drinks per week can greatly decrease a woman’s chance of getting pregnant, meaning that ladies who want to be mothers may want to consider leaving alcohol behind completely.

8. Beer won’t get me as drunk – FALSE

As already discussed, there is really not much difference in which alcoholic beverage you drink, but rather how much you drink. A glass of wine or a pint of beer will usually contain about the same amount of alcohol, and the faster you drink it, the faster you get drunk. In order to avoid getting sloppy drunk, you should consider taking it easy and having fewer drinks instead of switching to beer.

9. A cold shower will cure my drunkenness – FALSE

Another false idea is that you will get less drunk if you have a shower or go out to get some air. While such things may have some positive effects on your body and some symptoms of being drunk, such as sleepiness, overall speaking you will only get less drunk over time, as alcohol leaves your bloodstream.

10. You can build up tolerance to alcohol – FALSE

Developing a tolerance for alcohol is actually a sign of really bad things happening. The moment you don’t get as drunk anymore is the moment you have started doing some real damage to your body with alcohol. Don’t try to drink more in order to build up tolerance, as every drink you ingest increases the damage to your organs and by the time your brain gets more resistant to alcohol, your organs will start feeling some real damage.
We hope that knowing the truth about these 10 myths about alcohol consumption will help you keep your drunkenness and your hangovers at a manageable level even when you do decide to let loose and have a few. In case you still need some help, try some DRINK RECOVERY the morning after and experience the refreshing and hangover curing properties of the product that was made to help you survive the day after.

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