How to avoid a common cold


Common cold is one of the most common diseases that human beings can contract and there is hardly a person out there who wasn’t infected at some point. Despite the common misconception that people contract the common cold by being exposed to cold weather, the disease is actually viral in nature and contracted by one of over 200 different viruses entering our system, usually through the airways.
The connection between the common cold as a disease and cold weather does exist in that being exposed to extreme cold can severely damage a person’s immune system, thus making them more susceptible to viral infections. This is why it is important to learn how to boost immune system, especially during the cold winter months.
Common cold is pesky and annoying, and we would all prefer not to contract it ever again, but with so many viruses floating around, this can be very difficult. To help you out, we have compiled a list of useful tips that experts recommend you use in order to decrease your chances of contracting a common cold.

1. Take care of hygiene

In the western world, we like to believe that we are always clean and that we shower and clean our bodies often enough. However, even if you do take care of your body on a regular basis, there are still steps that you can take to decrease the chances of viruses entering your organism. When trying to keep the cold away, some of the main things you should be doing is avoid touching surfaces around you without need, avoid touching your face and wash your hands very often.
The common cold viruses are transferred from carriers to healthy people when their mucus is expelled from the body. While there isn’t too much you can do about the airborne particles, you can avoid contracting the virus from the surfaces you share, which can often get infected. For instance, if you go to the gym and touch weights and other equipment that a sick person has touched, the viruses will get on your hands. Remember to wash them afterwards and don’t touch your nose, eyes and mouth and you will not contract the disease.

2. Eat healthier

If you were wondering how to boost your immune system, a great part of that puzzle is hidden in what you eat. Eating healthy and nutritious food rich with vitamin C and other micronutrients will make your body strong, not just physically, but will also improve your immune system to a point where common cold viruses will have a very hard time fighting into your system.
Our hectic lifestyles often lead us into dire straits when it comes to our diets, with most of our food containing lots of carbs and fats and very little protein or micronutrients such as vitamin C which are crucial for the immune system to remain strong. Eat fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and other similar foods to boost immune system and forget about fast food and you will quickly notice improvements in how your body reacts to common cold.

3. Improve your lifestyle

If you want to know how to boost immune system past eating healthier, you should understand that there are many things that affect your immunity. High stress levels, low physical activity and even a negative attitude towards life can all make your body weak and your immunity nearly non-existent.
In order to reach the absolute maximum levels of possible immunity, you should consider going to the gym more often, hiking in clean air, leading a lower stress lifestyle and just generally worrying about things less. After all, there is little reason to worry in most cases, as things can either be fixed or they can’t and worrying and stressing out only makes your body weaker and more susceptible to illness.

4. The ultimate solution

All the steps we have mentioned certainly help keep the cold away, but for many of us it can be difficult to juggle healthy diet, good lifestyle and low stress levels as the life is simply too hectic. For such cases, Vit2Go! has created Immune System Booster, a product that is flush with vitamin C and other micronutrients found in healthy foods to boost immune system and make you strong and resilient.
Imune System Booster is a product based on vitamins B, vitamin C, vitamin D and K and it contains essential amino acids such as L-tyrosine which form adrenaline and other important hormones that help keep illness away. This powerful immune system booster can be used by anyone at any time, so there is really little reason not to use it.
Immune System Booster is made up of natural ingredients and is 100% vegan, making it perfect for literally everyone. Since all the ingredients are natural, there is absolutely no reason not to use it anytime you feel a little weak or like you need some help getting through the day. Experience has shown that using Immune System Booster will make you feel better about yourself and make your body stronger and better protected against all viruses, including the pesky common cold and flu.

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