Healthy facts about chrome


When you hear the word chrome or chromium, you immediately think about metal and definitely not about food or health. However, just like iron or calcium, chromium is an important trace element for our health. According to many studies, this mineral has an important role to play in our body’s protein genesis, lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity, which is why getting enough through the diet is quite important.
Chromium is an element that is not as present in nature as many other minerals, and our body really only needs a very small amount to get the best out of it. However, being present in so few food sources, chromium can be hard to come by, which is why many people suffer from deficiency. Using chromium supplements such as Vit2GO! Natural Energy Booster and Hangover Aid which contain the mineral in recommended dosages can be of great help if your diet does not contain very specific food.

So, let us have a deeper look into what chromium really is, how it affects the human body, how much you need and how you can get it.

The benefits and potential risks of chromium

The benefits of chromium for human health are not as big as those of minerals such as iron and it is quite clear that this mineral is not crucial for our survival. However, having an impact on our body’s blood sugar levels and some other processes, chromium has been related to treatments for type 2 Diabetes and some other similar diseases, where insulin and glucose levels are at play.
Multiple studies were made with type 2 Diabetes patients that included giving them one group a high dosage of chromium and the other group a placebo and it was shown that the groups with chromium supplementation had improvements in their status, which goes a long way to show that chromium can indeed be of help to such patients.
However, it is important to be cautious with chromium, as this mineral can have negative impacts on the body as well. If you take too much chromium through supplementation, you may end up hurting your liver or kidneys and it can cause low blood sugar if taken in excess. Like in all things, moderation is key, and in this case even more so than usually.

Chromium Deficiency

A person is considered to be deficient in a certain micronutrient when they do not have the recommended level in their blood. When it comes to chromium, we literally only need several micrograms in our organisms at all times, but even this can be difficult to get if you are not on the right kind of diet.
Basically the only foods that contain chromium in high amounts are broccoli and grapes. Considering the diet that most of us eat, it is clear that we are not getting enough chromium through the daily diet for the most part. While some other foods such as potatoes, turkey and red wine do also contain chromium, the levels are much lower and it takes a lot to get to the recommended daily intake.
This is the reason why in the Western countries, as many as half of all people suffer from chromium deficiency. Why it is not as bad as being deficient in calcium, potassium or iron, having a chromium deficiency can still cause some issues, and some studies have compared people of Asia or Middle East and found that a big reason for lesser frequency of Diabetes and heart disease may be found in the lower frequency of chromium deficiency among their people.

Getting enough chromium and staying on track

We have already discussed that chromium is not so essential for our daily health, but looking from a long term perspective, it is still an important mineral and not one to take for granted. If you are looking to maintain your health, there is no reason not to make sure that you are getting enough chromium in your diet as well.
This is best done by eating some broccoli or drinking a glass of grape juice here and there, but chromium supplements will also do the trick if you happen not to enjoy these foods. Taking supplements like Hangover Aid and Natural Energy Booster by Vit2GO! will not only ensure that you are getting enough chromium, but also a number of other essential minerals and vitamins, specifically designed to help you keep your physical and mental health at a high level and get rid of those nasty hangover symptoms.
Remember that chromium, like all other minerals, plays a part in the great scheme of things. While on the daily basis it may not be as important how much chromium you are getting, in the long run it may be the difference between developing Diabetes or other conditions, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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